41 weeks

It’s 41 weeks with Baby Sister on board. Still pregnant! It’s inevitably nearing the conclusion though of our time together in cozy symbiosis. Yes, I think I get just as much from being pregnant with her as she does from gaining life from me. Lake is excited to have NanaBaba in residence. He’s so thrilled he trucked down to the apartment this morning at 7am wearing his pajamas and carrying his Uggs. He put them on to keep his feet cozy, then jumped into bed with NanaBaba. He’s gearing up for the household change (we think).

Lake has said on multiple occasions he’s going to be a super helpful big brother because babies are a lot of work.

“When she wakes up in the night I’m going to wake up, go in to the hallway, pick her up out of her basket. I’m going to bring her in to your room mama for milkies.”

In practice, we will see. Nana thinks he’s beginning to show signs of jealousy with the purchase of yet another item of clothing for Baby Sister. He thought we had enough! Here’s the guy who invented the response to each admittedly precious addition to Baby Sister’s wardrobe: “too cute for words!” We will see.

Here he is out with Vivi in Ballard at the Sunday market, bringing Mama home a beautiful vegan-gluten-free lemon cookie. Yum. Such a sweetheart. Looks like he’s going to be an exceptional big brother.

Have a cookie mama!

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