Golden Grandparents

Golden Gardens Park is a little treasure of sandy beach in North Seattle. NanaBaba are golden grandparents. We came out for the last rays of sunshine on one of the first really brilliantly sunny days of the year. But… still bitingly cold, especially with the wind. Well, it is February! Didn’t bother Lake a bit; he had a hilarious time in spite of the cold. He was making dinner in the sand (salt, pepper and tofu), sand angels and planning for camping outside overnight. And laughing out loud the whole time!

I want to sleep here all night!

When Nana asked him if he saw anything notable at Greenlake earlier in the day (he walked all the way around with Vivi), he replied, “of course… the lake…” Too funny! I’m glad everyone is having such a great jovial time, enjoying each other’s company during these special golden days. It’s such a gift having all the support and family around for these last days of pregnancy. Thank you for the perfect Golden evening. I’m glad I spent it with you!

Still pregnant! 41w +1d
Sunset This evening over the Olympic Mountains at Golden Gardens.

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