Birthday Girl!

Right before noon on 20 February after a full 27 hours labor and getting fully dilated and fully effaced and pushing hard several hours, we transferred to the OR for emergency Cesarean surgery baby extraction. Weighing in at just over 8.5 pounds, Baby Sister is a full pound and a quarter bigger than her brother at birth, and perhaps due to being sunny side up, she just wouldn’t descend in a timely manner- then her heart rate was up in the 180s and mine was in the 150s (which was concerning for infection) and it finally became the best option (and the only option recommended by Dr. Dawn Frankwick, the fresh attending who took over for Dr. Ali Lewis at 8am). So in an unexpected twist of fate Lady Kitty Ethel VanLaanen was born by Ceasarian on 2/20/2020 at 11:24am. We were both put on infection watch, which we both pulled out of in typical Thom(p)son-woman strength.

Lady Kitty has a sweet disposition, and the nurses here at UWMC Northwest (we had some great ones: Bryce, Stephanie, Becky, Janine, Amy, Caitlin, and Nikkea) all find her to be very cuddly. She’s figured out breastfeeding (which she prefers to do at night), and sleeping (which she prefers to do during the day). She’s extremely loved and as a bonus she even has red hair!

Big Baby Sister is born!- 8.5 pounds, 20.5 inches!
Lady Kitty Ethel VanLaanen
Baby Sister exceeds her big brother at birth by nearly 1.5 pounds and can boast a smidge longer feet!
At home we are thrilled to welcome you to the family!
First look at “Baby Sisty”
Proud big brother and Proud (and extremely helpful birthday support angel) Nana! Welcome to Nana’s first granddaughter!

A perfect day! I’m so glad to meet you sweetheart. Looking forward to sharing the world with you and introducing you to all our friends and family!

8 thoughts on “Birthday Girl!

  1. Tolle your angel is beautiful. She has the coolest birthday 02/20/2020 and will be easy to remember. Thank you for sharing your stories over the years. Hugs and kisses to you all.

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  2. I’M so excited for all of you. What a wonderful baby ❤️ girl and red hair too
    A giant congrats. A rough delivery but it brought you a gift the gift of new life.
    Love and best wishes for all


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