Home for the Holidays

We passed all the discharge check points, and obtained a fairly efficient and uneventful 1200 noon discharge on Saturday. The nurse Caitlin was magnanimous about our older car seat and didn’t try to overly manage the situation. She advised us if we had any concerns we could visit any fire station on the way home for a safety review. We didn’t have any concerns. We were happy to be accompanied out the door in good spirits taking our new addition home. What a miracle! Michael was amazing throughout the entire experience, so loving, present and tirelessly supportive.

Gracious exit from UWMC NW.

Then suddenly we were home, with a new child. What a celebration! A new life and generous maternity leave arriving with us.

Safely arrived home! -welcome!

I still was in shock, not completely believing all of the events of the past few days. In theory it’s all quite logical, pregnancy culminates in birth and a new baby. However it is another matter to comprehend the magnitude of the transformation I was actually going to be birthing our daughter- so wonderous as to be surreal.

Cozy at home!

And here we are… cozy at home together with our family, singing “Happy Birthday” to Lady Kitty. An unbelievably perfect day! I’m glad I spent it with you.