Lady Kitty’s first Doctor’s Appointment

At four days old, Lady Kitty has her first Big Appointment with the World. She has an occasion to get dressed up and out of the cozy nest of home. She has her very first own doctor’s visit. With Lake since we were under the care of the licensed midwives, Carly Meisner LM came to our home to do the first visit. So it was funny going to Harborview with our four day old well baby. Nana drove us over to Harborview Pediatric Clinic. Clarence was there to greet us upon our arrival and meet Lady Kitty for the first time. She immediately cuddled right up into him. She met her PCP, Dr. Abby Grant and we had a perfectly delightful time. All went really smoothly with the visit and there were no significant concerns. She was weighed and measured and clicked and tapped.

3.475 kg = 7 pounds 10 oz

She tolerated the medical assistant’s vitals exam and then melted under the doctor’s skilled touch. He weight is at a recorded nadir- she’s lost 10% of her birth weight. Nonetheless, we predict she’s on the upswing since The Milk Has Come In! We will confirm she’s growing appropriately in a few days and have another appointment on Thursday. Busy Lady Kitty needs her own calendar… and secretary… and driver!

Dr. Abigail Grant, loveliest pediatrician, and medical director of Harborview Pediatric Clinic.

A perfect day, a perfect outing, and such a strong team of Lady Kitty handlers. Thank you!

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