Love in the Time of The Virus

My friend Katie Mitchell eloquently shared her sentiments: I don’t usually go anywhere anyway, but now I’m feeling more isolated than usual… I’m like the spider that is fine being still on your desk until you trap it under a glass and then it has to circle the perimeter.

Michael agreed it’s like a cat. They’re happy to sleep unmoving all day but put them in the same place in a carrier and you will hear about it.

It’s an unprecedented time here in King County, Washington State, the United States, and globally. Schools closed in Washington State for six weeks, maybe more? Ban on public gatherings of more than 250 people, hygiene restrictions on smaller gatherings such that six feet of personal space is required for each person, limiting most public gatherings. The zoo is closed. The pool is closed. The university has gone to a virtual teaching and testing model. Even my PEPs group won’t be meeting in person. Floods of emails from every business or government official and office that has your email address. Even Office Depot, Wells Fargo, the corner kids clothing store, positive parenting… everyone feels the need to make some comments on the COVID-19 epidemic. Now simply referred to as “the virus”.

It makes for a very mellow postpartum period. The whole city is practically on bed rest too. Lady Kitty and I are well. Our world revolves around milkies, sleeping, reading, occasionally making some laundry, soup, or cake or entertaining a brave visitor here and there. The situation with The Virus has cast an eerie tone over the land. Thankfully Lake has been on the coast with NanaBaba breathing in the fresh air and surrounded by love Of nature and grandparents.

We continue to love fiercely and loyally and attempt to maintain joy and normalcy in these strange times.

With literary reference to El amor en los tiempos del cólera (Love in the time of Colera) by Gabriel García Márquez.

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