Family Time

Lake is home! He’s cuddling Mr. Cat and Mr. Cat is purring. He’s complimenting Lady Kitty for her “pretty dress” and kissing her on the head. He’s telling them he loves them. He’s happy to see his family although he misses his grandparents and wants to go back to “my house in Aberdeen” “after this day.” This he told me last night at dinner.

Michael is back at Evergreen Healthcare after his paternity “sabbatical.” I’m getting my taste of solo parenting a newborn and a toddler for 5 hours in the evenings. It’s like juggling and I can only give my attention to one of the three of us at a time. There’s a lot of “I love you” ’s and a lot of “I’m doing my best” ’s. Lake said he’s going to grow up to be a daddy and Lady Kitty is going to grow up to be a mommy and he’s going to parent just like me. Well, there’s a lot of truth to that, Lake. I’m doing my very best for you and my grandchildren, then!

Priceless, indelible, precious, challenging, blessed family time. And I’m so blessed and grateful to have all the family support of NanaBaba, Michael, Jamma Julie and definitely our au pair Vivien who hasn’t fled back to Germany as all of her colleagues have done this week! A perfect family-time day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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