Lady Kitty’s first Sakura

Basking in the cherry blossom glow

We crossed the yellow “do not cross” ribbon and entered the sacred Sakura grounds of the UW Quad. It was an essential activity for us. There was plenty of space to accommodate even the most conservative social distancing recommendations. Lady Kitty was immersed into her first cherry blossom experience. It’s therapeutic to get outside, to socialize (at a naturally occurring outdoor distance of at least six feet) with the neighbors and enjoy the springtime. Spring and cherry blossoms are unfurling all around us, oblivious to the tensions of the game playing out between humans and virus right now on planet earth. Meditate on the cherry blossoms. Take refuge in the eternal rebirth of nature. Gaze into the eyes of a newborn. Pet a cat or dog. Build what community you can. Employ all your critical thinking skills. Keep them sharp and relax into the wonderments of a sky full of blossoms.

Wise innocence portrayed by Lady Kitty

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