One Month In

We’re one month in to the global COVID-19 pandemic here in Washington (since the first US death) and one month in to Lady Kitty’s life. The usual refrain applies to both: it is a rapidly evolving situation. As Lady Kitty and I are beginning to emerge from the postpartum cocoon, the only thing that is emerging with us is the spring! Thank Goodness for spring growth and the glorious weather we’ve been having! It’s easy to begin to feel panicked and isolated with the extreme measures to slow the spread of the novel Coronavirus and the subsequent repercussions of global financial free-fall. Everyone and everything is hunkering down, closing down and distancing. Work is shifting to either from home (WFH) or cease and desist. Lake has one friend who will still get together for picnics and playing outside. I also only have one friend remaining who will still walk outside with me in the fresh UV sanitized air. Thank goodness for her sanity and a healthy regard for science!

Lake and George picnicking at Carkeek Park

For her part, Lady Kitty is growing strong, still grunting a lot and showing strong marks in eating. She’s begun sleeping eight hours through the night in her hallway bassinet. Mama is completely enamored!

Neighbors’ glorious magnolia

We’re trying to schedule a newborn springtime family photo school amongst the cherry blossoms. Timing it with optimal neonatal cuteness, baby acne, peak bloom, cooperative weather, and impending statewide lock-down is proving to be a challenge. This has put the birth announcements on standby, but stay tuned… they’re coming! Meanwhile time is passing, we’ve emerged from winter and Lady Kitty has already seen one month of this beautiful world!

UW Quad

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