Little Big Brother

Little for now but seems to be responding to the sun and the rain and… growing up so fast!

Yesterday afternoon Lake was playing doctor’s office. He’s “a doctor of animals (a “vegetarian”) and people…” offering appointments (“insurances”) in his office for Mr. Silky and Lady Kitty. “Lady Kitty is a beautiful name,” he told her during her well child checkup. And then, “you look good. Everything looks good. Come back the day after this day.” He went off to sleep in his room at the hos-pi-tal (carefully pronounced and beautifully enunciated, though I missed the whimsical “hopspital” of the past few years).

Lake is imaginative and creative and a really hard worker. He’s adjusting to being the Big Brother practically unfazed and he’s almost four but he’s still only three. Our little guy… We’re asking a lot of you right now to quickly adjust to so many changes to your routine and you’re rising with your characteristic stoicism to the challenge. You can be so proud of yourself, Lake! We love you Lake! Lady Kitty is one lucky baby sister to have you as Big Brother for life!

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