Slowing Down

Breastfeeding, eating, changing diapers, washing dishes… organizing, darning, getting around to finally sewing on that missing button… These are the activities that occupy my mind and my days as one bleeds into the next. We are slowing down and pacing ourselves. What we initially took for a sprint or an underwater swim (“hold your breath!”), now is looking like a marathon, or more likely, an ultramarathon.

As the natural world is waking up all around us, we’re being tasked to find our hibernation mode. Spring is turning out to be an exercise in slowing down. Mining the deep well of our inner worlds, our creativity, our imagination and drawing up memories to savor of travel and dinner parties and visiting friends.

We are brushing up our “bakes” while baking bread, cooking up big pots of soup, and going for lots of walks. Having home-improvement projects and deep organizations going on at least in the background, if not the foreground, I find helps too.

Slow feet

All told, we painfully miss our friends and family, especially grandparents! The thought of shelter-in-place orders continuing throughout summer creates a social reality difficult to imagine, yet appears a seemingly likely possibility. In the meantime, we remain extremely blessed to be healthy and joyful, with good humor and plenty to focus on right here at home.

Hello… new baby! If slowed down enough, it is nearly always revealed to be A Perfect Day. I’m so glad I spent it with you, darling.

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