The global community is finding solidarity in continuing to shelter at home. Here in Washington we have the order for another month. I’m reading What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton and allowing myself to mourn the outcome of the 2016 Stronger Together campaign, as well as that we don’t live in Sweden, or that we’re not calm and strategic and mature as Sweden. So my family finds solidarity in matching pajamas. When we have a hard day, Michael will usually lead the way by donning his Dear Deer hannajams (hot top: currently everything is 40% off).

Lake loves matching too, so he’s quick to follow suit. At Lake’s behest I dress Lady Kitty in hers.

Lake lit up with the idea of Vivien taking a picture of us in a row, where you couldn’t see where one of us ended and the other one began. Very Buddhist/Dalí.

It works! The puzzle is put back together in a show of love and solidarity after a rough day. A perfect day, I’m glad I’m sheltering in place with you all!