Balanced Diet

Lake: I’m eating so much balanced food my head is popping off my neck!

Lady Kitty in her sleeping bear suit, laughing her head off.

Lake is back in the house! Let the good times roll, Lady Kitty. Your big brother is four years old (“just out of four”) and hilarious. He’s clearly been at Nana and Baba’s for a week. His hair is freshly cut and he’s discussing a balanced diet at the dinner table. Notable that he organized his own birthday trip: that he wanted to go, when he wanted to go, and when he was coming back home (he missed his family… “all of my family”). He was most excited about driving through the creek with Baba. The experience exceeded expectations.

Thank you, Nana and Baba for the special birthday present of your presence. Welcome home, überbalanced Lakelove!