All dressed up and no place to go: on creating a covid capsule collection.

It’s been an interesting year so far, to say the least, with many new developments. First, I was pregnant, then there was Lady Kitty; then there was a pandemic induced government issued stay-at-home order, then there was racial violence by police triggering demonstrations for BLM and racial equity. It puts things in perspective and makes you stop worrying if your stomach is lumpy. So what? Wear clothes that are flattering and feel good, do a plank and forgettaboutit. Get on with your dharma, and the important work of making the world a better place.

So in the backdrop of “There’s a lot going on” it was about time for me to adjust my wardrobe to keep up. I don’t mean adjusting my wardrobe of what I was wearing, I mean re-organizing my literal Ethan Allen wardrobe. It was time for my wardrobe to honestly reflect these times. It was time for radical acknowledgement and acceptance of what’s currently what. I’m wearing a lot of black maternity yoga pants as a starter. Super comfortable! Let’s fold them and feature them so I’m not routinely reaching into the way way back down low of the bottomest drawer for my go-to clothes. It was high time to create a capsule collection for my life as it is.

What’s a capsule collection, you ask? It’s basically a subset of your clothes that you’re featuring. To create a personal capsule collection for a special period of time is a simple and rewarding task. What you get is a perfectly curated boutique created just for you, by you, (with a little help from the spectacular stylist Mellicia Marx). Your capsule collection ideally honors your style aspirations while simultaneously remaining grounded in the demands of your lifestyle.

I’m a big fan of matching outfits, so I freshened my capsule collection by adding some Marimekko whimsy to the mix. (Stay tuned for some cute overload family photos!) While I was waiting for my order to arrive in the mail, I boxed up all the stuff I’m not currently wearing. That is: anything that’s too small, too big, too tight, fancy or fussy, anything for winter, and anything that’s not easily laundered or breastfeeding compatible. Clear the cobwebs! I’ll be happy to rediscover those treasures later when it’s time to integrate back into the workplace. Finally, I folded (Mari Kondo style) and placed my chosen items (yoga clothes, nursing bras, along with the fun new cotton prints…) in beautiful bento box display.

Suddenly it’s fun and easy to get dressed for success. Everything fits. Everything is compatible with my needs. I’m not confronted with clothes that don’t fit and That I can’t wear today. I don’t have to wade through or weed out the wardrobe to find the gems. They all work and support my day-to-day parenting in style. Now, I’m all dressed up with no place to go! Well, ready, set, phase 1.5 Seattle! Let’s make the world a brighter place for all of our children, one gorgeous, courageous smile at a time.