Franklin Falls in Summer

We revisited Franklin Falls today. Michael and I had hiked in 18 months ago in the snow to find a frozen world and a waterfall of adequate impressiveness. Today, Lake, Lady Kitty and Vivien also joined the party and we were out for an afternoon adventure. Franklin Falls was impressive. Early summer snowmelt roared out of the Cascade Mountains, tumbling over the falls, and rejoined a boisterous South Fork Snoqualmie River 70’ below.

Standing close I was pummeled by the forcefully pulsating falls. My dress quickly grew wet and clung to me. Looking up into the rushing water was like riding a roller coaster.

Laughter poured out of my soaked body with the delight of being touched by the wild. I howled and yodeled as all else receded. The myriad concerns of mothering and household management evaporated. There was no room. There was only nature’s baptism.

What a rush. It was hard to turn away. Highly recommend. A perfect day: I’m glad I spent it with you!