Newman Lake Paradise

“Your kids are the shining light of my golden years,” my Dad said to me glibly this evening. I got the feeling he was kind of mocking the cliché, and at the same time, I knew he was being absolutely perfectly 100% honest. Lady Kitty is five months old. She just cut her first tooth (bottom right), but she has this huge gummy smile still and a newfound hearty belly laugh that comes out when Lake is horsing around with her. NanaBaba are working on both kids word nutrition. Lake is learning some new words: enthusiastic, for example. “Are you enthusiastic for me?” Lake asked Nana. “Yes”, was her resounding reply. “I can’t believe we get to stay here for nineteen days,” said Lake, bursting with good fortune. I agree; by my calculation it’s more like 70 days (Lake’s still working on his maths), but either way it’s paradise! These days with my kids and my parents at Newman Lake are truly golden, strung together day after precious day, like a string of pearls. I’m reliving my childhood summers spent here at the Point Petite cabin with my grandparents. “It’s different here,” Lake said to me as I gave him the extra final tuck-in after an hour and a half of devoted NanaBaba bedtime stories, songs and tuck-ins. Yes, Lake. It’s different. It’s paradise.

The Happy Film Company capturing the Newman Lake Family Paradise feeling at a different location.