Marking Time

I took this photo in 2016. Two-months-old Lake and I were visiting NanaBaba. The place looks the same at first glance, belying impactful cabin restoration And a growing family. So much and so little has changed. Now Lake is 4 years and two months old, and instead of lying on the sofa wiggling and burbling, he’s jumping on the sofa and building sandcastles in the moonlight. Lady Kitty wasn’t even a glimmer in her mama’s eye four years ago. Now she’s smiling and kicking in the water. The cabin has undergone significant improvements thanks to the sweat equity of NanaBaba, notably: drilling a 400’ well; building a guest apartment; and retrofitting a foundation.

Here’s a catalogue of improvements for posterity’s record:

2006-2010 new roof; back stairs; front porch

2012 – attic insulation; foundation rehabilitation begins (109 x 60 pound bags of Sackrete (sand, gravel, cement); Reunion

2013- foundation rehab continues; upper and lower birth rebuilt (Rathdrum channel cedar siding); basement rewired

2014- new wood stove replaces the old Franklin; more foundation; rewiring; interior walls of lower berth (pinewood)

2015- septic system: drain field plus two 1000 gallon plastic holding tanks; framed kitchen, 3/4 bath, laundry alcove; Sheetrocked, muddied tapes and plastered; rewiring continues; rough-plumbed basement… = modern NEW KITCHEN with marble countertops, gorgeous INDOOR BATHROOM with SHOWER, flush toilets, and washing machine!

2016- foundation work continues under bedroom stack; interior siding and trim work; electric heater installed.

2017- installed pressurized water tank; wired three outdoor lights; laundry room shelving added; stained exterior; Reunion; basement sub panel added; 400’ well drilled to aquifer; parking lot gets electric power. = POTABLE WELL WATER PLUMBED INDOORS

2018- parking lot 3-way lights wired; basement bathroom framed, toilet installed, poured concrete floor.

2019- basement kitchenette built to completion; leveling tool shed; recoating porch deck, painting porch railing and basement concrete floor = LAKESIDE APARTMENT SUITE

2020- enjoy!

Whew! I’m worn out cataloging all the hard work of Lynn and Duane Murphy. Nearly a decade of improvements and now we are truly here with the fifth generation, living comfortably thanks to the myriad modernizations. Heartfelt gratitude! Another perfect day… I’m glad I spent it with you!