Introducing Solids

Lady Kitty exuberantly and indiscriminately gathers life towards her; tasting each for character and consuming its essence. Approaching six months, she shows great interest in eating. This is generally regarded as a positive development. We follow the guidance of Baby Lead Weaning. In essence, after six months of exclusive breastfeeding, breastfeeding is supplemented by child feeding themselves healthy finger foods as soon as they’re ready, able and willing. Lady Kitty has got her two bottom teeth installed and she’s ready to dig in!

Her blueberry eyes have keenly observed that we routinely gather together at the table, with relish. She has concluded that we’re up to something good… too good to pass up. This morning we could hardly keep the farm stand apricots out of her grasping reach. Her tenticle arms extend, scoop, grab, and return, checking for bounty. We seek to vigilantly push back the near plates of food.

At the beach it’s another story. She’s as quick as a lightning bug. At any chance she sucussfully scoops sand into her mouth: her first solids! I perform the finger sweep and removed it, but not until she had had her first taste of gourmand living. “I detect flinty notes,” she reflects.

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