Red Heads

Lake said his hair isn’t red, it’s orange. I sympathized with his dismay and counseled him on the convention that we have “red” hair. He conceded that, well, his hair is orange and red. It’s true; our hair is comprised of many colors including copper, gold, orange, red, strawberry blonde, and in my case grey. Nana vehemently disagreed. “You don’t have any grey,” she said. “That’s because I pulled all the grey hair out,” I said. Lake said, “Lady Kitty pulled all your grey hair out!”

Too funny and astute, that Lake! Lake is well aware Lady Kitty is on the habit of grabbing on and pulling my hair out… a habit I’m none too fond of. Lady Kitty even grabs hold and pulls Lake’s short hair with her tiny vice grips… so he speaks from experience.

Who me?

If only it were true and she could discern to preferentially pull the grey hair, I might not mind as much! Like many, my idealism has given way to pragmatism with time. Glad to have hair! Happy if it’s “red” and not grey! Even though Lake’s observation is apt. In my estimation, Lady Kitty, Lake and I all have tresses spun of gold, rose gold.

3 thoughts on “Red Heads

  1. Hello Rose Golden tressed wonder-full woman❣️
    Tell Lake I am with him on the orange hair; I used to always put “orange” on applications that asked for hair color! Tellin’ da truth!
    Love reading your stories, dear Tolle

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