Queen Nana

Nana, our Queen Mother, is taking exquisite care of all of us here at her Summer Estate of Point Petite. She grew up here, and now decades later, her grand children are following in her footsteps, as bare feet find their way over well worn rock paths. Each day is an adventure here. Meals, activities (making robots, boating, hiking), and lessons (swimming, reading, manners, and life) are all steeped in her tender loving care. It’s a full immersion act of devotion and we appreciate her so.

Making precious memories.

All perfect days… we’re glad we’re spending them here with you. Thank you for everything! We love you, Nana!

2 thoughts on “Queen Nana

    1. Thank you for reading my blog Karin. I appreciate your comment and your sentiment! There are so many wonderful family traditions and friendships forged here at the lake. So glad to know you!


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