Good Days

“Days here are always good,” Lake said to me over lunch. He was recounting an exchange he’s had with the neighbor Mr. Galvan who had looked Lake directly in the eyes and said:

Lake, I gotta tell you something. There’s never a bad day at the lake.”

The dawning of another perfect day at the lake

Lake experienced something new over at the construction site on his morning adventure with Nana: “sand beans.” Nana confirmed it was pea gravel!

I love the unique way Lake recalls things and phrases and events; it is a glimpse into his mind.

He’s having such a good day that time appears to expand in order to accommodate all the goodness. After his nap Nana took Lake out in her kayak “The Flame” and they paddled for two hours. Upon returning for a late dinner, Lake enthused: “I spent the whole day on the row! I didn’t even have a nap!”

Then at bedtime, and peppered throughout the day, he sings to us, “I love you all my love yous!”

We love you too, Lake! Your endearing nature makes the four-year-old mood swings bearable. Continued thanks to Nana for making a warm-hearted home, and all the lovely neighbors out here for building such a historic community. All good days out here at the lake to be sure; this one was no exception.

A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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