I’m a Doctor of That

Kids say the darnedest things. Lake likes to say: I’m a doctor of that. I’m a doctor of dying is his latest and most frequent proclamation. Whatever it is that ails you, he’s a doctor of that. I’m a doctor of hurt wrists. I’m a doctor of broken toes. I’m a doctor of corona virus. He acknowledges that it’s hard work and he’s paid handsomely for it. When I told him his doctor, Dr. Abby Grant, is getting married, he was astonished.

Tonight he was saying: Doctor Tiger belongs in the forest. Doctor Animal belongs in the zoo. Doctor Snake belongs in the wild things. He was unstoppable. Then, it was “Let’s go on a night espedition!” Then it was types of fish charades. Spoiler alert: he’s quite good!

He still says “breastfest” for breakfast. I guess it’s not too far off if the origins lie in his milkies days. He’s so darn entertaining!

Do you have branches in your mind? He was asking me if I was thinking about flowers.
Lake called it a Daisy Jane, like his friend Maicy Jane, instead of a “daisy chain”

These photos of the kids wearing Marimekko stripes were taken in Seattle on June 11th. Some things haven’t changed. Lake is still saying “breastfast” and “I’m a doctor of that”. Lady Kitty is two months older already and that’s half-again-her-age older. She’s growing up so fast and standing strong on her own two feet. She’s still got her winning smile.

Coquettish on June 11, 2020
Pure joy on August 14, 2020

Perfect days, I’m so grateful to be spending them with you!

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