Doe, a Deer

More tracks on the sand this tranquil morning. We’re sharing the beach and the surrounding forests and fields with a few small groups of long tailed deer. When they’re startled their white fluffy tails spring straight up as they bound off to camouflage in the understory. Lake scampered like a wild animal unfettered by clothes for a bit this morning, knowing it was going to get very hot and very sunny later. He happily played on the beach and in the water humming Doe a Deer to himself before the lake woke up.

Contemplating the night’s deer tracks in the brightness of the early morning sun
Long early morning shadows

Then we ended up visiting the rest of the day. It’s such a lovely feature of this lake community. People are so nice and all our great-grandparents knew each other, and on down through the generations. It’s easy to visit all day by simply walking along the beach in our bay. Visiting and playing through the eyes of my son reminded me of when I was a child. As a child I craved the midsummer weekends when all the folks and kids would be out to play with. Quiet felt lonely. Now quiet feels peaceful. Now I long for the coming of the quiet mid-week days and the fall season after sport boaters have forgotten us. But today I was basking in the camaraderie of the Friendly Folksy festival atmosphere of a mid-August heat wave. A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with the bay!

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