Red Canoe Farms

Steve and Lisa Pointer own this tidy u-pick blueberry farm in Kootenai County, Idaho. They are extremely nice and have a minimum-spray practice (copper, boron, organic insecticide if needed, and never on the berries themselves). We’ve been a couple of times so far this summer, and we always come away happy, with full buckets and stomachs; promising to get an earlier start next time to beat the heat. Today was no exception despite our best efforts.

Nana is a motivated picker. She was training Lake to be her expert picking aid while I tended Lady Kitty and periodically contributed handfuls.

Concentrated pickers
Spotted crouched between the rows eating from the bucket in the shade
All things considered we picked 8.3 pounds in 1 hour
Lady Kitty was along for the adventure

Check out their farm’s website Red Canoe Farms to plan your own excursion. They’ll be open through the end of August and they keep their website updated with picking hours.

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