Lynn and Lake—Quite a Pair

Lake spews charming expressions, as a four year old ought to. He makes me laugh, and he makes me pause when he bubbles over with Nana’s idioms. It’s comical, and confirms that he’s been palling around with Nana.

He said, “I caught my hat, ‘In the nick of time.’

Then, as they got ready to set out from the cabin for their next adventure “‘We’ll see where our little feetsies are going to take us…'”

Our feetsies took us to Heylman’s wood.

Other real Family Circus style quotes from Lake over the past ten days include:

“Was his birthday canceled?!”

“Now with the peanut butter so thick on the toast, it feels heavy on my arms.”

“A puzzle for me?” Lake asked. Then noticing the 3+ on the box, he said, “It’s for three year olds? Dang! I’m too old for it.”

“No book at bedtime? ‘I’m in disgust'”

“You naughty little imp! You know what she was doing?[regarding Lady Kitty]. She was stealing my bookmark!”

“You’re carrying so many heavy things in one hand–an arm, a head, two legs, 2 arms, a tummy and a back!” he said to me as I held Lady Kitty.

Tonight he stabbed a raw mushroom and was dancing it around in the air at dinner. “Well, that wasn’t a very good idea,” he said after his fork clattered to the floor.

“Lady Kitty is playing with her food,” he said, as indeed Lady Kitty was staring at my breast in a pre-bedtime daze and grabbing at my nipple.

“See you later, Alligator,” says our neighbor Susan to Lake.

“After a while, Crocodile”, he answers as she has taught him to answer.

Then, later, Nana asked, “wasn’t it nice to see Susan?”

“Her name is Crocodile!” Lake said.

Seattle days

Lynn and Lake just counted up the days since we arrived… FIFTY! Practically a lifetime ago we said “goodbye” to Vivien and drove across the state. We’re so grateful to be spending this time together. Another perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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