Sittin’ Pretty

Our family legacy property is just a speck on any map. Even on the map of its own location, it’s just a speck.

Just 30′ at its deepest, and nine miles of lakeshore, its 1200 acres are but a speck on the surface of the planet. Like the flakes of endogenous mica glinting in the sand, however, it winks brightly to the seer.

Golden Days

Trade sidewalks for lakeshore and game trails; it is summer camp for adults. Today my footsteps were falling on deer prints wherever I walked. There’s a well worn path along the bay, in front of cabins and through the woods that serve as side yards. Neighbors sashay in front of each others’ cabins, en route to some casual destination. Visiting along the way is part of the charm.

Cottages wear names like boats. Sittin’ Pretty, On the Rocks, This’ll Do, Tarry A While, Steele Away, Packed Inn, Fairhaven, Rustic Retreat, Rosebank, Wildwood and more… Our neck of the woods is Diana Bay, so named by early property owner of the Tanglewood area, a teacher Miss Bertha Elizabeth Archer (later Windust), after the Italian goddess of the forest and the moon. It’s served as a safe haven for six generations of mothers during the summer holidays. Earlier families (including mine) would routinely come to their summer cottage the day after school let out and not return to town until the day after Labor Day. Nowadays many cabins in our bay are shared amongst the family who have dispersed with time, and folks will come back just once or maybe twice for their week share. This summer was special: cabins were continuously in use, seeing higher traffic than usual, since this semi-secluded bay is a perfect place to quarantine.

While on maternity leave, I wished to invoke the bygone era of free range kids steeped in family, nature, and community friendships. My kids and I came to stay at Point Petite with my parents (primarily my mother) for two and a half months, leaving only a few times—for visiting family or picking blueberries. As summer and our stay nears its end, we reluctantly say goodbye to this special place and this unique experience. We are truly blessed for all the nurturing we have received, and the jokes and excitement we have shared.

Ponder Inn

Lady Kitty has contentedly spent a third of her life here and has grown strong, vigorous and happy in the fresh air. Today she sat up solidly on her own for the first time. Digging in the sand, eating ponderosa pine needles, sucking on a rock, she was delightedly sittin’ pretty!

Sittin’ Pretty

A humongous bucket of gratitude is owed to my parents for making this possible: graciously hosting us through thick and thin, storms and smoke, coparenting and toddlers. My kids are thriving here and are richer for having spent this time with their grandparents. A perfect season, I’m glad I spent it here with you.

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