Amidst the backdrop of the constraints of covid culture, we are so thankful to nonetheless have cobbled together a memorable Thanksgiving celebration for 2020. This is especially important because we are sharing American Thanksgiving with our German au pair and creating lasting impressions for Lake. Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday growing up. This year there was no game of sardines with the cousins, but we did enjoy some new traditions in addition to Nana’s turkey, trimmings, and pumpkin pie—Madeline’s cake, a Greenlake run and a touch of hygge around the front yard campfire. Happy thanksgiving to you all! Love and connection brings the meaning to life.

2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Beautiful! Surely missing all of you . . . . hope that we get our Lynne & Duane “fix” in 2021! Is Duane hiding from the camera in these pictures? 💗 to all.

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    1. Duane is hiding from the camera in Aberdeen! Steering clear of any additional covid risks after his bout with (non-covid related but nonetheless unpleasant) pneumonia this fall. Love to you and yours


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