St. Nikolaus

Lake and Madeline woke up on December 6th to chocolates and oranges in their shoes. Lake said, “St. Nikolaus came in the night, and I didn’t hear him come!”

Nana also came, and there was not a chance she could be missed. A freshly cut 9’ Noble fir tree accompanied her—announcing her arrival. What a gorgeous tree and what delightful fun to have Nana visiting for the weekend. Nana had premade and brought along a beautiful gingerbread barn and gingerbread cookies to decorate.

Gingerbread barn and scene by Nana (with marzipan fruit in a cart)
Decorated by Lake and Nana

Hot chocolate was enjoyed, the tree was trimmed, and ornaments were broken. To assuage some of the pain, I told Lake that this was our tradition. We break a few ornaments decorating the tree and then we have a lovely Christmas season. It’s like “break a leg” for good luck on the stage. Break a glass ball (or two) for a lucky Christmas this year.

We enjoyed a few of the daylight hours out on the Salish Sea before Nana retuned to Aberdeen with Lake in tow for a visit with Baba.

Jousting at Carkeek Park

With Lake away it gets very quiet at home. And all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. We love this spot of restfulness and linger over our decadent fresh smelling tree on these long winter evenings.

Thank you, Nana! Thank you for bringing the Christmas cheer! You’re our favorite St. Nick, year after year!

2 thoughts on “St. Nikolaus

  1. Things are looking festive and happy at your place. I also break ornaments, but this year I broke one of the most cherished ones from 1979 from some very special folks who are no longer around. It was memory I didn’t want to lose. sniff sniff. Merry merry to all!

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