Easter Greetings

“Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” said Jamma Julie to Lake.

“The egg,” he said without a moment of doubt.

“Well, I’m glad we finally got that sorted,” said Julie.

“Thank you for bringing the fun and joy, Jamma Julie!

“Come every Sunday! We’ll be covered with mud! We’ll be covered in pitch. We’ll be covered with cake—head to toe, we’ll be covered with cake. We’ll find the taste of candy in the air!”

Lake exuberantly invited Julie back to join us for weekly Sunday dinner. Does he think then there will be an accompanying egg hunt laden with treats? Or is the fun and joy of being all together what he’s craving to repeat? Or perhaps it’s simply time for resuming our pre-pandemic routines — maybe Lake is remembering what I barely can, that more than a year, and a lifetime ago Julie came on Sundays for dinner. What a lovely tradition.

May every Sunday have the Easter Sunday feeling. We rejoice in the rebirth of Spring, hope, faith and love. From our family to yours, sending Easter greetings!

Lake takes his Easter Egg hunt very seriously. He had utmost faith that the Easter Bunny (As tall as you Mama. Walks on his hind legs. With a backpack. All geared up. Gorgeous colors—pink, purple, blue, yeah, with spots all over. Dots yeah…) would have visited early Easter morning.
Lake and Tolle made a Vanilla Almond Easter Cake for afternoon tea with Jamma Julie
Hidden gems in Pritchard Island Beach Park
Lady Kitty finds her first egg hidden in the boxwood hedges.


Photography by Chamonix Browne, The Happy Film Company 2021
PC Chamonix, 2021
PC Chamonix 2021

Covid has gifted us the opportunity to truly lean-in to parenting. To domesticity. To home life.

When Lake was one year old, my position at work transitioned from being at the hospital five miles away and became based out of an office building a few blocks from our home. What fortune! At the time, I didn’t think things could get any better (or closer!) And then last year whilst on maternity leave with Lady Kitty, the novel coronavirus situation unfolded. The ensuing covid pandemic ultimately allowed for my work position to become available for WFH (work-from-home) accommodation. It’s been such a welcome and unexpected blessing, and has allowed me to support my devotion to both work and breastfeeding seamlessly.

These months my office, for better or for worse, has been a tiny closet (with a window) located off the living/dining room at the hub of our home. Michael calls it the grand central station of the house, allowing me to be immersed in my work and my children at the same time. Although it is not without the accompanying feelings of the working-mother guilt, am I focusing enough on my work? Am I focusing enough on my children? Yes, with Madeline on board as our au pair, I am present for both. Overall it is absolutely an agreeable situation—the major silver lining of an unfortunate global event.

Everyday these days is a perfect day to be mumsy!