Sweet Peas

Both the kids love frozen peas.

“Peas, please,” is a common refrain around here. Lake delightfully took note “Peas and please rhyme!” as he asked for yet another serving.

I didn’t directly understand the appeal, so I embarked on an investigation. First I asked Lady Kitty.

“Why do you like the peas so much, Lady Kitty?”

“Huh,” she said. Then she laughed and cooed.

“Does it feel good to chomp down on frozen peas where you are teething?”

She smiled with all her eight teeth showing.

That’s right, it Must feel good to cool those erupting gums. Next I tried to find out some more information from Lake.

“I like to be cold,” he said.

I pressed further.

“When you chew them, their juice turns sweet in your mouth,” he said.

Pea juice, now why isn’t that more popular? Or frozen pea smoothies? Has anyone tried that? Let us know if you have any favorite recipes to share. In the meantime these kids are most satisfied with helping after helping straight out of the bag.

My sweetpeas.
PC Chamonix Browne, The Happy Film Company

I love my sweet peas and they love their frozen peas! A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

Lady Kitty Walker

Standing steady on her Nana’s birthday
PC Chamonix Browne, The Happy Film Company

Lady Kitty snuck in a few steps yesterday afternoon while she thought no one was watching. Were they her first two steps?! Or has she been surreptitiously practicing? Applying the principle of parsimony, it is likely they were her first steps. Madeline was the fortunate one who caught a glimpse in the mirror, and reported at dinner. “She’s not earthbound for much longer,” said Michael. Lady Kitty is set to launch.

Stay tuned for updates of Lady Kitty “Walker”!