Return of Lake—revisit Hazel Blue Acres

Lake’s back home! We picked Lake up from the airport on Sunday after he had spent 7 weeks with his Nana and Baba. It was a thrilling reunion at the airport complete with megawatt smiles and theatrical but authentic rushing into each other’s arms. Lake was patched for Mama snugs. At one point after Lady Kitty had a fall, Lake even went so far as to say he wished he’d been the one to fall down and bump his head rather than Lady Kitty.

“Yes,” I agreed, waxing philosophical, “when we love, we would rather take the suffering of another so they can be free.”

“No,” he countered, “I wish I was the one who had fallen, not Lady Kitty, so I could be the one getting Mama snugs right now.”

We went straight out to the organic blueberry farm, much to Lakes dismay. He really was so anxious to be home. We picked more than 10 kilograms of berries to fill and restock our freezer. The ones we’d picked three weeks ago were already eaten!

Lady Kitty is a strong berry picker filling up her bucket! Lake is the one who likes to eat out of my bucket. Both kiddos found a way to walk on the bags of picked berries, so we ended up making a bath of blueberry syrup when we got home.

Now we’ll have blueberries for breakfast before school. That’s right, spoiler alert: Lake’s starting Kindergarten! He came home last weekend for the Kindergarten orientation. He had two days of Kindergarten Jump Start, just enough to get a taste of what’s to come. Initially he was excited, then he was nervous just prior, then after the first day, he didn’t even look back when I said goodbye after dropping him off at Laurelhurst Elementary. He was looking brightly ahead towards the commencement of his scholastic education.

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