Mei Mei

Lady Kitty started saying Mei Mei incessantly this past weekend while we were visiting Nana and Baba. She would point and say “Mei Mei” if it was something she wanted. Nana decoded that she was staking claim, as well as referring to herself as Mei Mei and the name stuck. We all started calling Lady Kitty “Mei Mei.” I couldn’t help it, the name is contagious.

“Mei Mei” PC Chamonix Browne

She knows what she wants. (“Mei Mei”). She knows what she doesn’t want. (And she lets us know too by having a huge, short but definitive, bucking bronco fit.) She’s walking and waving and saying a sweet breathy “hi” to all animals she sees. “Hi” to the ducks, dogs, cats, deer, even our neighbor’s plastic swans. Lady Kitty comes up to us now as well, and says her charming honeyed “hi” with a smile and a wave. Hearts melt. A perfect day, we’re all glad we spent it with you!

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