Hug Snug

As days grow shorter and the wind systemically fleeces the trees of their leaves, we resoundingly embrace autumn. Sweater Season, hot-chocolate by-the-fireplace, movies-and-popcorn, Yoga and jumping-into-the-pile-of-stuffies in the pajama lounge… it’s all officially here!

It’s timely with the changing of the season to coin a new term. This one may not win awards for being COVID friendly, but it definitely gains the Hygge Stamp of Approval. Lake defined a “hug snug” as a brief snuggle. As cozy as a “snug” yet short like a hug. It’s his way of getting to yes at bedtime, to limit the “it’s too late for a snug, Lake. Time to climb into your bed; you have school in the morning” brush off.

Do we have time for a Hug Snug? Absolutely!

Lake introduced the phenomenon a few days ago when he shouted with glee at bedtime: “Who wants a hug snug?” He was pleased with his invention. And then last night his request was a much more subdued and truly honey sweet, “Can I gave a hug snug please?”

Yes, please! How could I say no? There’s always time for a hug snug!

Good bye Summer, hello Autumn
Time to put on a sweater!

Lake said, “Lady Kitty enjoy your day, This one is called Lady Kitty and the Popcorn Day!”

Now, ‘tis the season! Let’s have a Hug Snug! A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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