Closing Up the Summer Cabin

Keeping toasty in the cabin with Baba’s neatly chopped and stacked wood at the ready. PC Spencer Brown during the 2021 Labor Day visit.

We’re deep into autumn now, and the air is full of leaves, sideways rain, and blustery winds. Nana and Baba are still living at the lake cabin, cozy as ducks. Winter and freezing temperatures will soon come calling though and it’s time to think of migrating back to the west side. With colder weather that suddenly dips below freezing at night, the pipes will freeze and burst if they’re not careful to drain them thoroughly for the winter and then make a quick exit –until next year.

It’s truly been a special summer season this year. Lake spent most of the summer there on his own with Nana and Baba. They have such a great time! So, Nana and Baba invited Lake out for one last weekend at Point Petite before winterizing. Lake went solo on the airplane for the first time, flying over as an unaccompanied minor. He was his typical stoic and nonchalant self, although he was getting plenty of accolades from all directions on his bravery and maturity. He’s his own person, and always up for an adventure. As Michael offered a hug and waved him onto the plane, it was reported there was no looking back.

It was a happy reunion on the other side. Nana and Baba gleefully swooped Lake our to Point Petite. They were snug as bugs in a rug in the cabin that evening.

Cozy evening by the fire

The evening before Lake left, he lost his fifth tooth. He left it under his pillow for the tooth fairy and in his excitement to go to school and leave for NanaBaba’s, he forgot to even check> is the tooth still there? Did the tooth fairy come in the night and leave him a treasure? He might be surprised when he finally takes a peek.

Lady Kitty loves to go outside—fondly remembering our Labor Day Point Petite visit—on a rainy afternoon in Seattle.

Meanwhile Lady Kitty enjoys autumn in Seattle and every morning she points up at Lakes bed and wants to talk about where Lake is.

“Well, Lake went on the airplane by himself to visit Nana and Baba at Newman Lake. Remember being there? They are having a good time. He is coming back.”

She is satisfied with that.

Lake and Nana and Baba made the most of their weekend. They had a busy social calendar packing in a Saturday matinee of the musical Cats and a Sunday performance of Disney on Ice. Thank you to Nana and Baba for hosting Lake for all these exciting events and precious moments in between that make the life sweet.

Preparing to see the musical CATS—getting in the mood

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