Happy Easter 2022

Woodland Park Rose Garden, PC Chamonix Browne 2022

What a beautiful sunny and chilly Spring day for this gorgeous Easter Sunday!

Today marks the end of Lake’s Spring Break. Thanks to the incredible generosity and energy of my parents, he and Lady Kitty spent it happily on their own together at NanaBaba’s. Michael took in some of the Seattle International Film Festival, and I continued to train for my half-marathon race next weekend.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2022

    Hi Tolle,

    You, Michael, Lake and Lady Kitty are a family extraordinaire! We are very much VanLaanen fans. Neil and I enjoyed the family picture taken in the Rose Garden at Woodland Park plus the Easter message on your “ A Perfect Day…” post. So glad that NanaBaba had lots of kid’s fun with Lake and Lady Kitty while you and Michael got to do “your thing”—Michael enjoying the Seattle International Film Festival and you training for your half-marathon race next weekend. WOW! That’s impressive, and you are surely in great shape—just like Michael.

    Love all four of you so much!
    Neil and Janet

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