Michael as Au Pair

Madeline jetted off to San Diego for some much-needed California sunshine and class credits. She had a great time, taking a long weekend and leaving us in full-charge of the children and covering all au pair duties.

Lake finds it hilarious when his au pair goes on holiday and he has a substitute au pair— often it’s the ever generous NanaBaba, but sometimes it’s Jamma Julie or another friend or relative. The kids thought it especially thrilling that this past week their “substitute au pair” was none other than their “Da-Da,” MICHAEL. Friday, Monday and Tuesday Michael woke up at 6:40am each morning and got Lake dressed for school. He took the kids to the bus stop, saw Lake off to school, and then went out for a long adventure with Lady Kitty. He was back home to prepare lunch, and then would get Lady Kitty down for her nap. He might sneak in a long bath before picking up Lake from the bus stop (on-time), and returning home for an after-school snack. He is a great dad, and was a willing au pair, learning the daily rhythms and routines along the way. It brought us all closer together as a family and I would say it was really rewarding for Michael. The kids are truly a delight to spend time with.

The vocabulary of Lady Kitty is blossoming along with the cherry trees! Now she says “hat,” “bib,” “honey,” while breaking into a huge grin with a mischievous glint in her eye, and even “tuna,” “bow” (bowl), “poon” (spoon), and continues with the ever precious “pleece” and “dank oo”.

When Madeline returned we were happy to have her back, hear about her travels, and to celebrate the completion of the successful Michael as Au Pair tour-of-duty with a date night (with much gratitude to our best “babysitters” Tom and Mandy!)!!

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