Runaway Flower Girl

When my pulchritudinous and highly accomplished second-cousin-once removed announced her save the date for the post-covid ceremony of her to her lovely Romanian husband, I may have stepped in and volunteered Lady Kitty to serve as their flower girl. In spite of the distance of our direct relation, I have been quite close to her family over the years. Her little sister served as flower girl in my previous wedding. So, I was thrilled for Lady Kitty when the couple agreed they would love to have Lady Kitty as their flower girl for their beach-chic wedding at the historic Golden Gardens Beach Bathhouse.

As the time drew nearer, I came to realize the folly in my thinking. It became apparent that Lady Kitty is actually a bit too young to perform solo or semi-solo in front of a crowd. We made some last ditch efforts to introduce her to the wedding party and to the entire concept of flower throwing. Michael and the bride’s good friend “MJ” gave heroic cameos in the flower girl training school. Alas, Lady Kitty walking by herself tossing flower petals from a flower basket was not meant to be. Due, however, to the graciousness of my cousin the bride, we pulled off a successful showering of preciousness to make way for the beautiful bride and her parents. (I walked along with them carrying Lady Kitty wearing her baby’s breath crown that she tore off at the last minute.)

What a lovely celebration! We wish the newlyweds all the best in their life together! And such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you! Professional photographers were present at the wedding, so perhaps additional photos to follow. In the meantime enjoy some royal cuteness!