First Day of First Grade

Today was the first official day of First Grade for Lake. We saw him off on the yellow school bus in the morning, and he piled out of the bus a little more than seven hours later, tired and covered with orange felt pen. After a quick snack and hearing a few highlights such as coloring his bear at school, we said a hurried goodbye to Jo and Martin. It’s been really special to have Lake’s first au pair back to visit us.

We hurried off as Lake had a pressing engagement. Today he did a spot of acting in his first film. I think he found it strange compared to putting on shows on the beach or in the living room especially because he wasn’t the director this time! In this instance he took a lot of direction and repeated the scenes for many “takes.”

Our neighbor is a documentary filmmaker and she had scouted him. She successfully enticed him to participate with the promise of cookies. Lake grew regretful of his earlier enthusiasm as he started to get cold feet walking over after school. By the end, though, Lake was thoroughly warmed up (mostly from running back and forth down the boulevard aiming for that perfect shot) and started to appreciate the artistic process.

I taught belly breathing at bedtime, a self-soothing technique. He liked it but soon tired of lying in one position and wanted to listen to Tara Brach to go to sleep. So that we did. Well done, Lake! You worked hard today. A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!