Autumn Joy

Lake’s favorite question to ask is still: “what’s your favorite color?” And ironically Lady Kitty’s favorite answer to any question is still “I like pink and purpaw.” I just put two and two together! Those two are made for each other!

We’ve been making a lot of wagon excursion in the evenings after school. Thank you Nana for the new wagon! One favorite destination is the “book store!” Third Place Books, and another is Greenlake. They are both real troopers when Mama likes to get some exercise after working inside all day. We often pack a picnic and return in the dark. Enjoying the autumn sunshine as long as it lasts. Autumn Joy! I recently taught Lake that plant name after he noted someone else had it in their garden like we have.

Sweater on Lady Kitty is vintage hand knit by Jacquie Ferrier.

Enjoy the Autumn!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Joy

  1. Love these beautiful pictures. Love the sweet sweater. Continue to love getting to share your wonderful adventures. Isn’t this Indian Summer fabulous!


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