Silly Sibs

Lake and Lady Kitty are both saying funny things every day, and I’m not able to really record them adequately. I can hardly remember the beginning of the sentence by the time they’re at the end. Their quotes and quips are completely unexpected and hilarious. I’ll try to share a few with you; they’re not perfect quotes, but close.

Lady Kitty: “you Funny Girl, tiny little Mama”

Then she continues with her more common refrain about how she’s tiny. “Mama you’re big. I’m tiny. Mama you have big arms. I have tiny arms. I have tiny legs. I’m tiny.”

Lake: “I had a growth spurt in the night! I was like: Why is the bunk bed this much shorter?! Oh, I had a growth spurt in the night!”

Lake: “at a wedding recently it was a long shot, I was like why are all these people with red hair. Oh! They’re all my cousins!“

Lake: “oh my ducking god. I mean. Oh my ducking goodness.”

Lake: “I like Greece! They believe in God a lot. They believe in Gods a lot.”

Lady Kitty wanted to sleep under the sleeping bag when we were camping. I was trying to reason with her to get inside the sleeping bag we three were going to share, worried I’d squish her if she was sleeping in the middle between us and under the sleeping bag instead of inside it. “Don’t worry Mama, it’s fine. I’m fine.”

Lady Kitty: this is my pack-kak [backpack]…

What’s your favorite food Lady Kitty? “I like pink. I like pink and I like wuwul (purple)…”

“I like ‘peetos’…” She laughs at her pronunciation of tomatoes. “I say ‘peetos’… [more laughter] I like ‘peetos’ Mama!”

Lady Kitty: “I want more wuguck [yogurt] Mama, pleece.”  

And potty humor never fails to make these two enjoy themselves and lighten the mood… “Are you poopy, moms?“ Lady Kitty said, and found this hilarious, especially the more she said it and to her great delight kept calling me “moms” and laughing more.

Lady Kitty to Mama after Lady Kitty hit Lake and was being held accountable asking her to apologize to her brother. “Will you “sorry” with Bro Bro?”

“You do it.” she likes to say.

Lady Kitty to Michael at tuck-in: “Is your bed cozy, Dada? My bed is cozy.”

We are so glad you have a cozy bed, have fun, and have each other, you silly sibs. We love you both so much!

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