Sweet Tea Sweeties

Both these cutie kiddos love it when I make for them “Hot Tea— then Warm” as Lady Kitty clarifies in her requests.

Lady Kitty asks of her stevia sweetened peppermint tea, “But why it so tasty?

She inquires to me with such seriousness. We know how to have some fun in the kitchen too! We made an almond cake together for UK Mothering Sunday yesterday.

These kids know the joy of the real sugar too! Licking the bowl— always the best part of baking the cake. Lady Kitty was ready for a ‘nother birthday. She asked why we didn’t sing the whole song? So we sang all together the whole song for her. Then she asked why there no candles? Okay, we’ll back a ‘nother cake soon!

Lake decorated the cake whilst Lady Kitty napped. Thank you especially to Luisa Jehle for the fun and pretty cake toppers!

Happy Spring, loves! May it be sweet and tasty!

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