For all you who have been reluctantly enjoying or avoiding my blog altogether for fear of missing out (FOMO), here’s one for you. I’d heard of cat diarrhea, and what a mess it could be, but I’d never experienced it personally until today. Mr. Cat was the perpetrator and Lake’s and my olfactories were the victims. Blech! I was the lucky one to get to clean it up!

Yes, this innocent one (shown here looking particularly innocent with friend Miranda)

So we did the only thing to do, we went outside into the rain to get some fresh air! Then when we returned from our walking errands a little damp, Lake did his happy dance. Thumper, Grandma Julie named it. 

This video doesn’t exist

Okay cat diarrhea makes it a bit of a stretch (FOMOs can be glad it wasn’t them for once), but when you have the Thumper happy dance?!? It really does become A Perfect Day… I’m glad I spent it with you!

Lake Living

The lake was particularly quiet today. A fine example of a very fall day. Some more rain and even a sunbreak. Grandpa says now is the season the lake is returned to the waterfowl. The jet skiers, water skiers, wake boarders and recreational motor boaters are all staying in town on the weekends these days. There remain just a few lingering late season hard core retirees getting ready to winterize their cabins and prepare their water systems for freezing temperatures. 

Lake on the other hand, is still in the springtime of his development, rapidly growing and changing every day. Just this week he learned to really laugh and giggle. Today he couldn’t stop smiling!

And who could blame him? With all this great fresh air and plentiful grandparent time! And Nana walks! 

At the end of the sun break this late afternoon, which bled into dusk and last light, we nabbed a little hike up into the nearby McKinsey Conservancy. 

It’s a beautiful ridge walk around and above our end of the lake. We looped around and made it back to the beacon of a beachfront campfire Grandpa had built to welcome us home. We made it in without cougar sightings, only a few groups of deer and some coyotes’ scat. We settled down next to the fire and took our front row seats to the amphitheater of a lone bat swooping and watched as night fell as coyotes across the lake created our soundtrack.