Kaffe Fassett

The next Kaffe Fassett

Lake shows a strong affinity for fibers and fine textiles. Perhaps it’s no wonder since he’s been swaddled in silks and cashmere since Day One. His mother has traveled to India: to the Himalayan foothills near Kashmir, the silk bazaars of Delhi and the cottage industry silkworm farms of central India. His play mat is a gorgeous sheepskin from a local sheep raised by Nora Shapiro on her fiber farm in Port Townsend. His bedding is a great family sheepskin from his Grandma Julie. His favorite thing to play with so far, according to all accounts, has been a gold silk scarf I picked up in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the late 90’s. It is slowly becoming beloved gold silk shreds. 

Over Thanksgiving while we were visiting our best friends in Portland he got ahold of Nana Joanie’s bright raspberry yarn. Oooh, did he love that! He was engrossed. 

His Auntie Kendra says:

So the top of Lake’s Christmas list would be 1) scarf 2) string?

And his Auntie Jessica says:

The next Kaffe Fassett

Fassett is an American fiber artist who lives in London. He pioneered what had been the realm of crafts, elevating it as a fine art form. Lake is engaged in his early arts education. 

Then, this weekend visiting other dear friends in Bellingham our young Kaffe Fassett was captured in his first original portrait. So, one budding artist commemorated by another:

“Baby Lake” a portrait of the Artist by Reubena Henken, 2016

Life can be simple and rich. A pen, some paper, a ball of yarn, children. A perfect day. I’m glad I spent it with you!