Vancouver, BC

We had a great time in Vancouver BC this weekend. In spite of the snow and freezing weather we had to show Jo our friendly neighborhood nation to the north. And we had a great time of it for sure!

We explored the various landmarks and districts of Vancouver. This included the famous Gastown Steam Clock, which I’d somehow walked very near for many years but never really seen. It’s fantastic! And it wa snowing which just added to the mystical old world feeling. 

We also had a ton of fun on the elevator of our apartment hotel. We had the same room as last year when we were here on our baby moon. Now we are back with Lake. Lake loves mirrors!

We explored the various aspects of Canadian culture. One telling anecdote from brunch highlights the difference between Canadian and American culture… where I was acutely made away of my heritage unflattering as it may be sometimes. 

My bottomless cup of coffee was brought to the table with all the other drinks orders. I was so impatient for my coffee! I would have been ready for a refill by the time the rest of the handcrafted drinks were ready. 

We were directly experiencing the common good culture. When our drinks arrived together they were all delicious. Such a thoughtful and polite society. 

Nonetheless, or perhaps enhanced by this, we had a wonderful brunch with the LKS UBC officers at Catch 122. 

A memorable visit to Vancouver, BC! Thank you for your hospitality Canada. We look forward to returning soon!

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