Bach’s Lunch

Bach’s Lunch… box lunch! After walking by this sign in our neighborhood for several months now, we finally had an opportunity to check it out: the First Tuesday concert in the church Bach’s Lunch. So, Lake ate his lunch in the sanctuary of the Christ Episcopal Church. 

He absorbed the sounds of Baroche masterworks of Scandinavia performed by a baroche flute, baroche violin and harpsichord. It was his first church. He loved the tall ceilings with the fans way up high. The pastor and the musicians were happy to have Lake there taking in the sights and sounds. I was too mesmerized by the music to eat my box lunch but this didn’t stop Lake! He was a pro at eating and listening. We were personally welcomed back and we look forward to the First Tuesday of April. Will you be joining us on April 4th? 4548 Brooklyn Ave NE… just two more this season. Bach’s Lunch with Lake makes for a perfect day!

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