Kick Stand

Lakers can sit. He’s sitting pretty. He loves his socks and chewing on his shoes. He can eat his feet. He can crawl with assertion and last weekend he even successfully climbed up a back deck stair. (Then he looked behind him and toppled back down.) … there have been a lot of head bumps lately. 

He pushes himself up to sitting for a while now. He’s every day perfecting his sense of balance, finding his center of gravity, and strengthening his core bit by bit. 

At first, he somehow managed to not get quite all the way. He would prop himself up. His arm is his “kick stand”… endearing!

Recapping the Kickstand Pose

Now he is pretty strong and usually sits all the way up, but tonight he threw me a kickstand for old times sake. Last night he was doing pull ups off his high chair tray. He climbed his way up to standing, using the Stokke as a jungle gym, then started hanging and pulling himself up with his feet off the floor. From kickstand to air time in ten days or less!

Yes, that’s Lake eating celery. We think he’s rather charmingly inspirational. Who knows what’s next?!

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