Early Bird

Lake tricked me again tonight. His fourth night in a row where he went to sleep without his pajamas. Before his pajamas. Before his night nappy. The hour, the moment where he is asleep, out like a light, it sneaks up on me and I’m not accustomed to it. Tonight he was fast asleep by 7:15pm… Perhaps this is typical and non-notable for some parents of 10 1/2 month olds. But for us, we have been used to his staying up rather late. Typically he beds down for the night first at 9:30 or even 11pm. It’s new for me. I thought I was prepared to have him sleep-ready early. Then he fell asleep earlier still. He’s the Early Bird to bed! Let’s send out the invitation now: Pajama party at 7pm tomorrow. Lake you’re invited!

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