Kitchen Gardening 

Yesterday heralded such a beautiful evening we couldn’t resist the pull of the out of doors. We all gathered in our small backyard and came together for some focused “express yard work”, or gardening as mummy likes to call it. It seems more inviting and appealing that way. Michael raked the grass and Mummy grabbed at some of the worst weeds… morning glory and Herb Robert?!? That wasn’t in the listing notes. Then, having assembled all the pieces, we successfully planted our kitchen garden. Tomatoes! Green beans! Spinach and kale! Chives and rosemary! Lake sampled the soil and cheered us on. Jo gets credit for the daisy chain and keeping Lake from eating too much bark. Nana was there in spirit having cut the grass on Sunday and provided the slug bait and a few herbs for our new kitchen garden. It was a real fun family event! Now we get to watch and sample as our garden grows. We look forward to harvesting delicious tender greens. So fresh… so local!

Close inspection reveals Earth crumbs around the corners of his mouth.

Et voilà! Our freshly planted kitchen garden.

Our little garden prince

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