Working Mummy

The blues are knocking at the edges of my sleep and in between my comings and goings. The working Mummy blues. I love my job and I’d probably have some kind of non-working mother blues if I weren’t working. But still, sometimes I wonder where the time goes. I cried last Thursday when it was coming to the end of lunch hour. It’s near impossible to get to work on time Monday morning. Jo has to shove me out of the house.  

Shoo! You can have your coffee at work, Tolle!

The there’s-not-quite-enough-time-for-everything-and-everyone blues. It’s classic. What are you gonna do? Time to switch things up. Let’s make some interventions…
Enter: weekend away at the lake place 

Enter: warm sunshine of Spring (at last!)

Enter: supportive husband (+back rubs)

Enter: discontinue gluten

Enter: add supplements program: rhodiola, vitamin B complex, cholecalciferol 

Enter: grandparents coming to stay…yea!

And finally, last but not least

Enter: the magic *mummy room 4*

The magic key

Magic mummy room 4
The magic room for rejuvenation!

Mummy room 4 is one of the lactation rooms at the UW Tower, or euphemistically named “health room”.  I’d filed away the detail that the lactation rooms could be a needed respite from the hectic work-life balance but I’d never really pursued it. Just had lunch with Lake in a comfortable chair somewhere in some lobby type area at work… there are big buildings and Lake was a discreet and tidy eater. Well, he’s getting to be a pretty active eater so I thought it was time. And I’m so glad I asked; now I have my own key! To my own personal space for an hour between 12:30 and 2 pm. We can lie on the floor, turn out the lights, relax, put our feet up… it’s a sensory deprivation box. Or a blissful sensory enhancement box. Just a windowless room with a door that locks. Nothing much. No bed. No plants. No windows. But it’s mine for the hour to be with Lake. And I have a key. 

Feeling magically refreshed!

Now, just look at that face! 

Things are looking up!

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