Pre-race lineup
Race-day strategy
Breakfast of Champions
Transit to the Start Line… Grandpa loves Lake!
Classic Bloomsday downtown decor
Michael ran a great race and looped back to join us… so sweet!
My Dad joined us for Team Newman: strong work!
Beautiful day for a walk!
Lake joins the 12K Finishers!

Long Nap

A moment of complete rest

This afternoon as soon as Lake sank into the deep sleep of his nap I slipped out the back door. Nana and I went for a walk down the Peninsula Drive. I was so happy to have the time for another long walk again today. A touch of Tolle-time, free from responsibility. Feeling light. We were blessed to have Grandpa offer to stay home with Lake. They both had a good time. My dad liked the quiet. My son liked the quiet. I think they both napped a bit. Then by some good fortune Lake continued his nap for nearly three hours. Contentment. What a gift. Thank you fellows. 

And tomorrow we’ll have a nice long walk all together for Bloomsday! Looking forward to that experience too! I love a good walk. 

An opportunity for reflection